Repository of prototype games being created in search for something that is fun to play, and fun to make. Using fantasy consoles and working towards a purpose built engine for making this style of games.

Engine being created currently simulates similar capabilities of mid 80's micro computers, with some modern flourishes.

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Das Luftschiff

Keep flying.

Keep your flying submarine aloft as long as you can. The game can be played here web or on


  • X to Start
  • A to Repair/Interact
  • Directional keys for movement


Post Game Off 2018 Update

Work has continued after the initial Game Off 2018 submission. This includes some new features, updated visuals, new sounds, some music, and bug fixes.

Additional Features

The new features focused on game play enhancements and addressing some early feedback.

Second Status Screen

Now there is a screen that displays the current status of the various components. Including:

  • Current repair status. Yellow and red bar beneath each component.
  • For tanks the current fill state.
  • Non-tank components show how well their demand for resources is currently being fulfilled.

With this change some items from the navigation screen have been moved to the status screen. In particular the fill states of certain tanks.


The Gremlin will appear at random intervals to break components on the ship. Keeping an eye out for Gremlins is now a key part of traveling the most distance.


A short music track has been added to the title screen to set the mood.

Sounds have been completely recreated to improve the overall sound. There is still an issue open for TIC-80 to fix sound pops, but hopefully the overall sound is now more pleasant.

There is now a background that helps convey a sense of place. It can be used to see if the ship is climbing or descending, and get an idea of how fast the ship is currently traveling.

Tapping up or down on the resource map now loads a larger view. This does take a second to appear, but helps find areas with methane or water vapor.

As components get damaged, they can now appear damaged. This is shown by particle effects and changes to a damaged version of the component. The lights can now also go out if there isn't enough power.

  • Component effectiveness now only drops after the repair status drops below ~50%.
  • Platform for standing behind the hydrogen fuel cells, to aid in repair.
  • Status screens shut off once the battery has been drained.
  • H2O to H and O Splitter now operates off of battery power in emergency mode.
  • Heading changes now turn in the direction with the least amount of change.
  • Hydrogen cells now try to balance their fill levels across the cells.
Known Issues

There are frequent sound pops related to: github issue. Awaiting fix and will re-upload when available.

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January 23rd, 2019

Submission for Game Off 2018

Initial Submission

The project is still in a prototype phase, though most of the core mechanics are in place.

Das Luftschiff centers around a flying submarine that operates similar to a Zepplin. It has hydrogen tanks for lift, as well as four main rotors to provide additional stability. Two propellers provide the main forward thrust, although the rotors can be rotated to contribute some of their lift to forward thrust.

Each component provides something to the ship, and requires some resource from the ship. The components also break down with age and in crashes. So, the players main job is to make sure to keep the ship repaired, while also pointed in the direction of resources to be gathered. If the ship is crashed, and one of the core resources (water or methane) is exhausted, the game is up.

Future Development

If the game becomes something people enjoy, I will continue development around the idea. Considered additions:

  • Randomly place mines that cause damage to the ship if not avoided.
  • A gremlin that periodically appears and breaks components.
  • Some music, maybe?!?!

I hope this is a type of game that others, besides myself, would enjoy! If so, do let me know!

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December 1st, 2018